Research Synthesis


Market research departments continually acquire data and information through primary research and secondary sources. The critical challenge in many departments is not of missing information, but rather of connecting related information from different sources to either discover new insights or validate existing insights, on the basis of which significant marketing investments would be made.

Strategic Insight Organizations focus on synthesized insights across data sources and studies.
Boston Consulting Group
- The Consumer's Voice - Can you hear it? (November, 2009)
As strategic leaders, we have to derive increasing simplicity from increasing complexity. Information is universally accessible and becoming free to all. The Internet offers it to us on a plate. No longer does the world belongs to the ones with the most information, but to those with the highest ability to make sense of it; no longer to those who know more, but to those who understand better.
Strategic Learning
- Willie Petersen


Is related information from different sources reciprocal (agree with each other) or refutational (disagree with each other), or a blend of two. If not reciprocal, than what is the right “insight”. If reciprocal, than what is the degree of agreement? How much weight should be placed in information coming from a specific type of source?


How does one combine complex, multidimensional information from diverse sources of different types anyways? What is the right methodology that is not a “black-box” but rather transparent and more importantly, auditable.


Research Synthesis is a service that is designed to answer such questions and provides a framework, methodology and software tool for synthesizing qualitative, quantitative and tracking research, primary and secondary, to address specific marketing issues. It has the ability to “go beyond” any individual piece of information to discover a larger pattern in related information.


InsightsBase knowledge discovery functionality, has been designed for specific purpose of synthesizing research, and provides a robust and scalable platform that can handle large amount of complex information.


This combination of a custom framework, transparent and auditable methodology and a software tool designed to enable granular synthesis, provides a unique value proposition

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