Information Management Services


Our Information Management Services integrate with InsightsBase software subscription.


Input Services


In many organizations inputting content into information management systems is a challenge.


Research managers responsible for content input, often don't have time to update content on regular basis, and importantly, apply optimal meta-data to content for efficient findability.


Organizations that have a dedicated resource to input content into the system, often find that the resource may not have market research expertise, and corporate or departmental re-organization may shift that resource to other areas, leaving content updates stalled.


We provide input services to ensure that content in the system is always current, which is a key driver of usability.


Analytical Services


InsighsBase includes robust information structuring and management functionalities. These can be used not only to manage and share information, but also to boost the productivity of the research department.


InsightsBase can be used to codify research best practices. It can also be used to reduce time to design questionnaires and screeners.


Beyond research studies, InsighsDB can also serve as a repository for tested concepts, to avoid duplication in concept generation and provide learning for new concepts.


Our analytical services are designed to align InsightDB with both information sharing and productivity needs.


Technical Services


Our technical services not only include technical support but also enable customizing InsightsBase to optimize usability.


As InsightsBase is standards based system, we also provide technical services to integrate InsightsBase with other information portals.



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