InsightsBase is an information management and knowledge discovery system designed for market research function within Consumer Insights and Product R&D departments. The product addresses common but significant market research information management and analysis pain-points, which include:


  • Historical research studies are hard to find as there is no information management system.
  • Information does exist on a shared drive, but is organized in a static directory structure that is no longer useful.
  • Information does exist in a knowledge management system, but is poorly labeled, making it hard to find the right information when you need it.
  • There is no formal plan and system to integrate and synthesize strategic qualitative, quantitative and tracking research to codify and validate existing insights and discover new ones.
  • Insights about granular but important market segments are hard to find, making tactical marketing optimization difficult.


Our technology solutions are not "templated", but rather extensively customized to specific knowledge needs of researchers and marketers.


InsightsBase solution reduces technology risk in two ways. It is offered on a cost-efficient subscription-based model, instead of a one-time high license fee model associated with typical enterprise software programs. Also, our system is standards based, which means that content can easily be integrated with existing knowledge or enterprise portals.





Input Support


Inputting information consistently in knowledge management and database (or business intelligence) systems is a major obstacle for many companies.

Retention, Inc. provides input services based on our significant experience in corporate market research and direct knowledge of most types of consumer research and sensory testing performed in manufacturing companies.


Rich Metadata


In many knowledge management systems, search can produce imprecise results, leading to time-consuming review to locate relevant information. In our system, content is tagged or labeled across multiple taxonomic dimensions so it can be rapidly found.


Findability is facilitated via efficient navigational schemas like faceted browsing, in addition to simple and advanced search.

Rich content tagging is a part of and a significant advantage of our input services.


Insights Mining


Beyond providing a repository of historical market research studies, Retention, Inc. has developed methodologies to effective mine these knowledge assets to expose clearer and sharper insights that drive business results.


This process also facilitates codification of insights and provides a sharper demarcation of "what we know" versus "what we don't know", enabling better targeting and hence improved productivity of research projects.


IT Independence


Retention, Inc. provides both hosted and on-premise deployment options, thus providing the flexibility to calibrate the level of involvement of the IT department.

Our framework is designed to create a sustainable knowledge management solution that can withstand changing organizational priorities and personnel transitions, and build increasing value over time as content grows in the system.




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