Information Management


InsightsBase knowledge management component is designed to provide central repository for historical research studies. The objectives of this system is:


  • Provide efficient access to historical information.
  • Facilitate effective knowledge sharing by enabling customization of content for different audiences like Marketing and Sales.
  • Improve research productivity by documenting and sharing best practices.






Researchers spend considerable time locating historical studies for analysis or to address requests by internal clients. InsightsBase enables researchers to find relevant studies, information and data quickly.

In many knowledge management systems, search results can produce clutter, requiring significant amount of time to locate relevant information. InsightsBase utilizes multiple approaches to finding relevant information quickly. These include faceted navigation, tree navigation, simple search and advanced search.

Our input services further facilitate findability, by richly tagging not only the studies but related materials like questionnaires and stimuli (concepts, package designs, etc.). Also, research synopsis service can help get to the right data without having to review the entire study.


Content Structuring & Customization

InsightsBase supports content management features such as branching and access-control. InsightsBase documents are structured documents that represent individual studies and can contain either summary of the study or a detailed synopsis, with study materials like reports and questionnaires attached to the study document. Different versions of the same document can be created for different audiences like Marketing and Sales, and access-control functionality enables access to only the relevant version of the document.

By customizing content for specific audiences, InsightsBase more comprehensively addresses knowledge sharing needs of the organization.

Parts & Meta-Data Aggregation

InsightsBase offers functionality to aggregate information by document parts and meta-data. This makes it easy to review research methodologies, sample and questionnaires used in a particular type of research in past. By understanding the efficiency and effectiveness of various research designs, future research study designs can be improved.

Our system also provides functionality to evaluate performance of various suppliers, making for more efficient supplier selection.




Informed Decisions

InsightsBase puts a wide variety of historical and current information at the disposal of researchers, thus providing more complete information for business decisions. This fact-based decision-making improves odds of positive outcomes.


Input Support for Sustainable Information Management

Many market research knowledge management systems become ineffective because the content is not updated on timely basis, and hence end-users have reduced incentive to use the system as they cannot find latest content.

Our inputting services are designed to address this central issue. These services ensure that content consistently stays updated and hence the sytem continues to grow in value as content in it increases.


Easier sharing of research with internal clients

InsightsBase platform enables researchers to provide internal clients with access to relevant content, like summary results of a research study.

InsightsBase's access control features let researchers decide who sees what information, thus regulating access based on end user needs.


Improved Research Productivity

InsightsBase helps boost corporate research productivity in several ways:

Reduced Duplication

Duplication in research departments is driven by inability to find historical information due to lack of effective knowledge management. This duplication can easily exceed 10% of research budget in most companies. InsightsBase system reduces such duplication.

Best Practices Sharing

InsightsBase provides a mechanism for sharing best practices within the research group, thereby improving the returns on overall research spending.


By enabling new research and marketing personnel to access historical research studies and mined insights, InsightsBase helps brings these personnel up to speed on the necessary subject matter knowledge.


Cost Efficient

InsightsBase is a more cost-efficient approach to research knowledge management than traditional build-from-scratch solutions.


Our subscription-based model is also more cost-efficient than traditional large one-time license fee model, as the software subscription can be cancelled anytime. In case of cancellations, your content is delivered in a format (XML) that can be readily imported into most content management systems. Thus, InsightsBase is also less risky solution.




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