Knowledge Discovery


InsightsBase's knowledge discovery functionality is designed to enable synthesis of large volume of complex multidimensional research information. Knowledge Discovery facilitates moving from data and information to high quality insights that represents an integration of knowledge from different strategic studies of varying types (qualitative, quantitative, tracking and syndicated). The objectives of the knowledge discovery system are:


  • Develop targeted insights based on integration and synthesis of multiple research studies of varying types.
  • Create an audit trail for information to insights, so that insights can be independently validated
  • Evaluate new knowledge against existing insights. Update existing Insights, if required, based on new knowledge.
  • Determine knowledge gaps that need to be filled to enhance quality of insights.




Custom Data Model


Research issues, for which insights need to be generated, are transformed into a custom datamodel or a "cube" that can be mapped into InsightsDB system. Relevant knowledge from studies selected for synthesis, is extracted and transformed into structured content through manual processing. This structured knowledge is then inputted into the datamodel for further processing.


The ability to incorporate complex datamodels into the system, makes InsightsBase a robust platform for knowledge discovery.


Robust Query Language

InsightsBase supports advanced query language that enables granular and complex querying of structured knowledge. The query language thus enables robust and sophisticated analysis of knowledge that resides within the data model. This enables multi-dimensional and granular synthesis of knowledge, facilitating discovery of patterns that are difficult to discern through manual synthesis.

Dynamic Documents

InsightsBase offers document-types that can embed complex queries. This enables establishing an audit trail for synthesis, where component knowledge that goes into determining Insights can be traced to original sources.




High Quality Insights

Insights are based on knowledge sourced from multiple studies, truely leveraging your company's knowledge base. InsightsBase provides a platform to discover both confirming and contradictory knowledge inputs that go towards generating an insight, providing the researcher an opportunity to assess relative merits knowledge inputs.


Generate & Track Insights For Many Market Segments

Researchers usually can track insights for large market segments, as typical desktop productivity tools are cumbersome and not-optimal to track insights for granular segments.


InsightsBase provides robust functionality to generating and track insights for numerous consumer segments (demographic, pychographic, benefits-based or behavior based) or customer segments simultaneously. Segments can be as granular as desired.


Identify Segment-Specific Opportunities

Our system enables identification of opportunities and challenges at segment level, facilitating segment-specific marketing and innovation. Marketers can also identify commonalities across segments, for synergistic marketing.


Increase ROI of Research

Research synthesis enables extraction of maximal value from research studies, as those studies are not only stand-alone decision aids, but also contribute to overall insights generation, as content from each study is analyzed in conjunction with related content from other studies.


Knowledge Discovery also helps identify knowledge gaps clearly, assisting in better focusing future research.




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