InsightsBase implementation is designed to scale up gradually, to minimize risks associated with aligning new systems with your research creation and knowledge sharing process, and maximize opportunities for optimization and adoption.


We manage implementation risk in several ways:


  • We develop a customized prototype first that addresses your knowledge needs. The decision to commission a prototype is independent of the decision to buy the system.
  • Offer flexible hosting options, including secure external hosting that minimizes IT involvement.
  • A subscription-based pricing, which is based upon the scope of the system and the amount of content in it.
  • We offer input services to ensure that content is actually put into the system and properly tagged, without the need for dedicating internal resources for system update and maintainence.
  • Our XML based system ensures that if you choose not to continue with the InsightsBase system, the content within the repository can be migrated to other systems with minimal effort.


Once the system and procedures are optimized, InsightsBase can be scaled as needed.





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